Session 1

A storm has been brewing on the horizon for 2 long years now… Hard times have fallen on all classes of people as crops begin to fail. Two young farmers are conscripted by order of the government and brought to a training camp far from home. Their names are Errol O’Brien and Finnius O’Connor. At the camp Errol and Finnius are outfitted and told to hunt the creatures of the nearby forest. Errol encounters a woodsman who lends him a bow and urges him to fire it. After 3 shots he hits the target and the woodsman gives him his bow and quiver.

After returning to the camp an officer informs the newly conscripted men to highhandedly hunt and kill one of the wild boars in a nearby cave. Finnius and Errol both succeed in killing their boar and return with the head as proof of the deed.

The skulls were returned and the farmers were dismissed for the night. The next day various commanders choose recruits for specialty training. Everyone but Errol and Finnius are chosen. As the others are leaving, Commander Dane stays. He offers a position as a Shadow Brother to both Finnius and Errol, to which they accept.



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