Session 3

After days of rebuilding, Dane summons the PCs and tells them they will be departing the next day to recruit mercenaries to stop the Gnomes from producing some sort of weapon. The pair spend the night in a tavern where Finnius wins an amazing amount of gold after borrowing 5 coppers, as well as a small worn looking dagger. Errol tries his hand at the dice as well, but only loses. He then takes a marksmanship challenge from Sylindar Arrow. Errol loses soundly but is given a few coppers for being willing to challenge the Sylindar Arrow. Sylindar gives Errol a bowstring.

The next day, the PCs set out on the Westriver and arrive later that day at the nearby port city where they find the boat they have had passage booked on. They are put to work immediately by the first mate but see no sign of their contact Akeesha Darkarrow, who is supposed to meet them. The boat leaves port and their questions are pushed aside in a flurry of work. They retire for the night and Akeesha appears to then in the hold. Their contact turns out to be Sylindar from the tavern. He gives them a warning, telling them they just have to survive.

The two move out on deck and are put in position by a strange metal log. The emulate the others as they go about filling the log, then touch the nearby torch to the small hole on top of the log. The cannon explodes as the PCs loaded the gunpowder after the cannonball (lol 3 trip zeroes). Errol is thrown back into the mast and given terrible wounds, while Finnius’ head is destroyed by the blast. The explosion opens a giant rent in the ship causing to it take on water.

The crew begins to abandon ship, and some of them grab Errol and bring him to one of the row boats. The ship they had fired upon approaches the life boat and Errol weakly reaches into the bag Hunter had given him. By some miracle he pulls out a white flag with the word Parlay onit. As he passes out, draping himself with the flag. Errol is then taken aboard the enemy ship and cared for. While unconscious Errol has a dream where he sees Finnius, and as Finnius fades from the world, he enters a dark tunnel rather than the light one.

Errol awakens bandaged in a nicely furnished cabin, and at the table in the cabin is a well dressed man. He is the captain, and tells Errol he will honor the maritime tradition of parlay. Errol explains he doesn’t even know what the word means, but the captain is unconcerned. The captain asks for Errol’s story, and after hearing the full account the captain offers Errol passage if he works as a deckhand. Errol agrees, and the captain gives him a writ of work, detailing that he will work for up to 1 year and no less than 7 days. Errol works his time on the boat and when the reach port, He is given his choice of tatoo for being a sailor in the Royal Navy. He chooses the Clipper ship and has it done across his back. Over the course of the journey he absorbed sailing knowledge like a sponge, and by the end of the journey needed to ask no questions, or be told what to do, impressing sailors with a life time of experience. At port the captain tells him that he is retiring, and is prepared to offer Errol the first mate position when he does. Errol accepts and is given the position of first mate with a 5 gold piece a week salary.

Session 2

After several more days of training, wagons arrive at the camp and the men are shackled together and put in the wagons. On the trip a gnome whispers to the PCs that they are being taken to fight in the arena in the capital city and that he may know a way to escape. Finnius informs Dane of the conversation and Dane halts the wagon. The wagon is unloaded and Dane instructs Finnius to kill the gnome. He does so and the wagon is reloaded.

After reaching the capital the wagons are taken directly to an enormous arena. The Shadow Brothers are separated from the rest of the men in the wagons. The chains are then cut leaving men paired off, still shackled together. The PCs are called up a ramp into the arena where they are faced with a pair of large spiders.

The PCs combine their attacks onto one of the spiders, eventually killing it, and causing its mate to shut down. The crowd cheers and Dane emerges. They are the only 2 to have survived the encounter with the spiders. Suddenly a the very same gnome who Finnius had killed emerges from a grate in the arena floor and urges the pair into the sewer to escape. Finnius however trusts Dane and refuses to go, and Errol is stuck with him and forced to stay. The gnome sets off a smoke bomb and makes his escape, while Dane continues to the PCs and orders them into the sewers to take the gnome alive.

The pair leap into the sewers and see the gnome at the end of a long stretch of tunnel. The gnome lights some sort of fuse and then continues to run. The PCs dash to the fuse and begin pulling it out of the box its attached to. They pull several hundred feet of fuse until a note comes out of the end of the box with the words “Escape Fuse – by Hunter”.

Using the lit fuse as a light, they navigate their way out of the sewer and Errol picks up the gnomes tracks and the PCs pursue. They track him to a city of gnomes and locate Hunter’s house. Hunter leaps into an escape hole on seeing the PCs, but unfortunately, its not an escape hole, just a hole. They coax Hunter out and make way for the capital. They arrive in the dead of night outside the closed city gates and make camp. The PCs take turns watching the gnome while the other sleeps. When its Errols turn on watch, he talks to Hunter about the strange gadgets he carries. Hunter asks what became of his brother and in an act of conscience, Errol tells him what Finnius had done. Hunter makes some sort of smoke flag appear then falls to the ground dead.

The gate is just now opening as the flag appears, and the PCs rush to the Shadow Brothers barracks amidst panic. Commander Dane is inside reading. The pair inform him of what happens and he tells them that the smoke flag is a signal for the Hawks to attack, an ancient ally of the gnomes. He then destroys the boar skulls from the training camp that had been enchanted for failing him. The PCs are then dismissed and told not to chance going outside. Finnius goes to find food and water and Errol goes and buries Hunter. Errol searches through Hunters belongings, and finds a note that says to push a button on the box strapped to his chest if anything were to ever happen to him.

Realizing that Hunter may not be dead, Errol rushes outside as the Hawks begin their attack and claws at the dirt where Hunter is buried. Finnius, not knowing what is happening, still heads out and helps. They drag Hunters body back inside and wait out the Hawks attack. After the attack, Errol takes Hunters body to a nearby inn, rents a room and takes him up there and presses the button. Hunter is jolted back to life by some strange energy and thanks Errol for finding the note, and taking him somewhere private to revive him. Errol returns to the barracks with the knowledge that Hunter is indeed still alive.

Session 1

A storm has been brewing on the horizon for 2 long years now… Hard times have fallen on all classes of people as crops begin to fail. Two young farmers are conscripted by order of the government and brought to a training camp far from home. Their names are Errol O’Brien and Finnius O’Connor. At the camp Errol and Finnius are outfitted and told to hunt the creatures of the nearby forest. Errol encounters a woodsman who lends him a bow and urges him to fire it. After 3 shots he hits the target and the woodsman gives him his bow and quiver.

After returning to the camp an officer informs the newly conscripted men to highhandedly hunt and kill one of the wild boars in a nearby cave. Finnius and Errol both succeed in killing their boar and return with the head as proof of the deed.

The skulls were returned and the farmers were dismissed for the night. The next day various commanders choose recruits for specialty training. Everyone but Errol and Finnius are chosen. As the others are leaving, Commander Dane stays. He offers a position as a Shadow Brother to both Finnius and Errol, to which they accept.

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